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Vastu Tips For Building Construction, Vastu Tips for House Construction

Vastu Tips For Building ConstructionVastu Tips For Building Construction

Building Construction: With compliance to Vastu shastra, I am going to explain basic rules of constructing a building which is East Facing. Most of the things will be same even if your house is facing other directions with respect to road.


  • Because of water scarcity, we all opt for bore well, but it should always be placed towards North-East.
  • Septic tank should be in middle of East side.Vastu Tips For Building Construction-Septic tank
  • When it comes to ground floor, main door should always be at exalted placed.
  • Some people put an extra door when using staircase, you may use it in debilitating side.
  • Thickness of south and west walls should be more or equal to that of north and east side.
  • There shall not be any basement east facing construction.
  • Staircase must not be adjoining to main wall of east, instead it may be abutting south wall.
  • Over head water tank should be place at south-west corner.
  • As shown in the picture, north and east side compound wall should be shorter and thinner when compared to south and west walls. Also don’t place any glass or iron spikes on the walls of north and east side.

Vastu Tips For Building Construction- Compound walls

  • When constructing rooms, area/rooms towards north, east, north-east when compared to rooms towards south, west, and south-west.

Vastu Tips For Building Construction - Room Sizes

  • Weather it is kitchen or any room, shelves should never be place towards east and north walls, instead they should be place towards south and west walls.
  • Toilet seat must not face towards east and west, instead they should always face towards north or south.

Vastu Tips For Building Construction - toilet

  • Never put any holes or digging (bore, well or septic tank) in the center part of the plot, else whole family will be ruined.
  • Stretching from east to west, construction for small area in the plot can be made towards south and north area may be left free. In second scenario, if you want to just raise the walls of 2.5 feet height on dotted line and make no developments.

Vastu Tips For Building Construction - space management