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Understanding Vastu Influence, Effects and Remedies

Understanding Vastu Influence, Effects and RemediesVastu Influence and Remedies: In order to understand Vastu, first thing you need to know is directions. During our childhood we might have learnt there are four directions, but in vastu we consider extra 6 directions. They are 1. East 2. South 3. West 4. North 5. SouthWest. 6. SouthEast 7. NorthWest 8. NorthEast 9. Earth and 10. Sky.

Road or street facing the plot show different effects on the plot. Usually we may consider 8 directions excluding earth and sky. If the facing is good we get benefited greatly.

According to vastu sastra each direction or portion exhibits certain effects. Example North-East direction finance and     family happiness South-East direction influences female, administration of the house, South-West direction influences head of the family, East and West exhibits health of the male members of the family, South and North influence female health, finance and reputation.

Understanding Vastu Influence, Effects and Remedies:

If there are any defects in the house it will influence head of the family and their children. Ex: Parental home or their bedroom may influence on the lives of their children. Even after the death of the parents its influence may affect their children.

Places adjoining your home also play major role weather it is open place, cattle or residence it play. If there is a partition of the estate or land it should be distributed based on the child birth number. Like Eldest child should get South-West, Second should get North-West.

Direction or place where head of the family resides also plays important role and may affect whole family. So head of the family should always reside in West/South/SouthWest/SouthEast/NorthWest directions and remaining family member in East / North / NorthEast side. If head of the family retires and their child or any of the member takes responsibility of running the family then their position must be changed accordingly I.e they take the position of the head of the family.