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Vastu and House Construction, House Construction Guidelines

Vastu House Construction: Weather it is an independent house or commercial building, vastu plays important role. Vastu comes to existence even before constructing your house. Many customers complaint that their construction is not moving is smooth manner like they may face hurdles even though they have enough money in their hand. There may be many factors like bhoomi puja, digging or flooring etc. Before you start your house construction you need to consider following rules mentioned bleow:

  • Before starting your house construction one need to offer obligations to god which we generally call as Bhoomi Puja.
  • Always Bhoomi Puja should be done at North East.
  • As a second step one needs to dig tank, well or bore towards North-East, East or North.
  • Make sure that prayer place is towards South-West to tank.
  • Digging should start from North-East and proceed towards North-West & South-East and then towards South-West.
  • When it comes to foundation it is quite opposite to digging. i.e: start from South-west. Even while constructing walls you should follow the sequence of foundation.
  • House Construction Foundation
  • When constructing house storage of raw material or construction material (in short heavy weight) should be stored towards west, south or south west.
  • Slope of flooring or walls also plays important role while construction.House Construction - Slope of Flooring
  • When constructing walls, north, east or north east walls should have less thick and lower in height than west, south or south west walls.
  • When it comes to flooring, front area, each room or veranda floor should be made (tilt) in such a way that if water is poured towards south, west or south-west it should move towards east, north or north-east side only.
  • When it comes to bed room, make sure that south-west is higher than south-east, south-east is higher than north-west.
  • In above point, South-West is in highest point and North-East is lowest point. Ex: south-west = 12 inches, south-east = 10 inches, north-east = 8 inches and north-east = 6 inches.