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Vastu Tips Prayer Room, Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room

Vastu Tips Prayer Room

Vastu Tips Prayer Room: Prayer room or Pooja room plays important role in attracting positive energy and protect your home and family members from all negative energies. It is the place where you place idols of god or religious texts, it should be protected from negative energies, if not positive energy flow decreases.
According to Vastu Sastra, North East corner (Ishan) side is the best place to install god idol and make pooja room or meditation room. It is believed when Vastu purush head was pressed down his head was towards North East direction.

If your home is not compliant for North East then second best place is East and West


Vastu Tips Prayer Room :


  • Try to keep pooja room on ground floor
  • If it’s any factory or a big plot, if you construct pooja room in centre (brahma sthan) then that brings positive energy which can spread all over and bring prosperity.
  • While placing the idols try to maintain a gap of at least one inch from wall and keep the idols in east or west direction (Never facing towards south).
  • Make sure that the idols have no defects and bought from ancient temples (should be new).
  • Fix pooja door at north or east walls having two shutter doors.
  • Light lamp in south east (ruled by agni) or east side and use light yellow, blue or white colors to the walls as well as ground (marbles)
  • Vastu Tips Prayer Room: If its located adjacent to kitchen room then you need to face towards east and pray the lord


Vastu Tips for Pooja Room: Points to avoid:


  • Never place pooja room facing south or south east as these places are called for Yama and sthan.
  • Always keep pooja room away from toilet (adjacent, above or below) to prevent negative energy
  • Never locate pooja room under stair case.
  • Never place pooja room in bedroom as this the place you use for rest or pleasure. If your room is small or you don’t have appropriate place then make sure that the pooja room is allocated towards north-east corner and covered by a curtain and also change the direction of the bed so that your feet never faces towards the idols.
  • Some believe that if the roof of the pooja or meditation room is made like pyramid shape, positive energy flow smoothly.
  • Never put photos of dead people along with idols of gods although they are your family members.
  • Make sure that the idols of the deities are less than 18 inches. Usually idols more than 18 inches are installed or done vigraha prathistha with appropriate yantra and worshipped daily in temples.
  • Never put dust bin in pooja room as that spreads negative energies.
  • Women should not enter during their period (5 days) which disturbs positive energy