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Vastu Tips Entrance Door, Vastu Sastra for Main Door Direction

Vastu Tips Entrance Door : In order to illustrate the effects of main door during construction or already build house. I have given two examples with one regular plot and another is skewed plot. In order to make you understand effects I am explaining with numbering the block marked with directions.


Vastu Tips Entrance Door: Regular plot:


Vastu Tips Entrance Door - Regular plot

If you check the image, If the main door is present in No.1 position then there will be ill effects on male folk like they will suffer with mental worries, fights and disputes, theft, being unwell, court cases, administration problems, marital discords etc.
If the main door is present in No. 2 position, then there will be ill effects on female folk like being unwell, irritation, mental worries, short temper, stubborn, loss name and fame etc.

No. 3 position: Head lady and their first and fifth female child may have serious health problems, mental tension, bad habits which may lead to conviction and go to jail.
No. 4 position: Head of the family and first and fifth male child may have problems same as No.3 position
No. 5 position: Head of the family and male members may face problems mentioned in case of No.3 position.

Vastu Tips Entrance Door: Skewed plot:

Vastu Tips Entrance Door - Skewed plot

In this scenario the effects on male and female may change here and there.
If you follow numbering position of the numbers gets changed with respect to directions but the effects are same according to numberings shown in regular plot.
Ex: Position No.6 shown in regular plot is at North West corner but in skewed plot Position No. 6 is shown in middle of north west direction. If you rotate the image of skewed to that of regular plot directions all the effects will be the same.

Note: if you are confused with Skewed plot explanation then stick to regular plot.